About Us

We established FEKRA Consulting to help companies cope with the changing conditions in their markets, and the increasing pressure on their businesses, externally or internally.  We see an opportunity in every crisis, and we believe successful companies are those who capture the opportunity at the right time, and look beyond the immediate challenges.

What we do?

FEKRA Consulting focuses on two service areas.

  1. We help entrepreneurs formulate their business idea into a professional business plan, which presents a strong case that can attract investors and other partners.  We help them through the process to transform an idea, “fekra”, into a real business venture.  In the future, we wish to support them as their venture grows and succeeds, and help them evolve their businesses as needed over time.
  2. We help existing family-owned companies that have operated for years or decades, realize the benefits of being a family business, and overcome the challenges they may face as the company passes from one generation to the next.  We help them enhance their strategy, HR function, people skills, and operating systems to cope with their internal growth, and evolving market conditions.

Who we are?

Our core team is a mix of experienced consultants who have worked in Egypt for years, as staff  of renowned international and local consultancies.  Our areas of expertise cover the following service areas

  1. Strategic management
  2. Human resource development
  3. Business-wide improvements

How we do it?

  1. Provide our clients with professional support services  based on scientific and modern management approaches and up to date knowledge of management sciences.
  2. Deploy unemployed youth and students to participate in our projects, hence creating temporary job opportunities through our work, and a chance for gaining hands-on experience and learning on the job for Egyptian youth.
  3. Establish links and cooperation arrangements with other companies, universities , NGOs, financing institutions,  and consulting experts, so that our clients can be supported fully through the life cycle of starting and growing their business.