HR Development Services

FEKRA Consulting aspires to providing integrated solutions and facilitating implementation and monitoring of the provided recommendations, in order to enable the Client to measure the return of their investment in consulting services.




FEKRA Consulting HR development services include the following:

  1. Develop an HR strategy linking the human resource function and practices to the strategic directions and goals of the company / client.  The HR strategy supports the enhancement of the human element in the client company
  2. Design an organization structure that clarifies the relationships between business units and the authorities and responsibilities of those units, spans of control, the division of workflow between departments,  the scope of oversight between the executive and advisory functions, and the delegation of authority between different levels of management in the company. The service aims to organize work between departments and the organizational units of company to improve efficiency, remove any overlaps of responsibility, increase the effectiveness of the control over the performance,  and the accountability of managers, as well as enabling the enhancement of performance measurement across the company’s various units
  3. Prepare job descriptions that clarify the tasks and duties and responsibilities and skills required for each job.  This is based on identifying the major components of the job and collecting all the job data in order to enable improving the job performance and measuring it at the individual level.
  4. Develop career path and succession plans to ensure compatibility between the organization and individuals to achieve high productivity as well as improve their career potential and retention.  This will be based on the requirements of the job, and the competencies of the individuals,  and then identifying the gap between them and to determine the best solution either to train, transfer, or terminate/retire the individual.
    1. This service aims to ensure the workforce stability and for the company and achieve compatibility and satisfaction for employees, and reduce the work pressures within the company.  This eventually creates a favorable and motivational work environment that supports achieving the highest productivity levels
  5. The preparation of a fair and balanced pay structure capable of attracting talent to work within the company as well as the retention of existing competent and high performing staff
  6. Designing the overall pay structure (including salaries and benefits) so as to ensure that the return for the company is greater than the cost of spending on wages and salaries
  7. Support the implementation of an effective human resources function, that depends on:
    1. Manpower planning and forecasting of the size of the labor required to perform the functional tasks to cover any deficit or determine the exact labor surplus
    2. Develop training and development plans for the various organizational units aimed at improving their performance and enhancing skill levels
    3. a recruitment process that enables the sourcing and selection of the best talent in the labor market in line with the strategic objectives of the company
    4. Develop systems to evaluate the performance of employees and the development of key performance indicators
    5. Develop policies and procedures for human resources function
    6. Design a list of sanctions classified according to the type of violation and the number of times a repeatable and consistent with the Egyptian labor law
    7. Design a model of key competencies and skills for staff and managerial competencies
    8. Preparing all forms, documents, and templates required for the effective management of human resources
  8. Conducting a training needs analysis based on the required competencies for each job, and the skill level of the job holder.  Set priorities for training to develop the skills of the staff and management to enhance performance