Family Enterprise Services

FEKRA Consulting aims to work with local family companies at any stage of their development in order to support their business performance, realize the benefits of being family owned, and learn about and avoid the potential problems the company may face at later stages of its life-cycle.

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We aspire to:

Help family companies formalize their business strategies, enhance their strategic management capabilities.  We do this through a number of steps:

  1. Evaluate the historical performance of the company and identify the family contribution to performance
  2. Define future strategic plans based on the family’s vision for the business, and the role of its members in the future of the organization
  3. Identify the current business challenges from the perspectives of the family, non-family top managers, and a sample of old time employees, and provide recommendations for improvement
  4. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the family’s role in the strategic management of the company and improving future performance
  5. Analyze the top management existing capabilities, and identify needs for professional managerial skills development and sourcing
  6. Identify the existing critical corporate governance gaps and provide recommendations that best meet the family requirements and in line with corporate governance best practices
  7. Identify the needs for family governance elements and provide recommendations according to the needs of the company