Strategic Management Services

While strategy might sound as  a confusing term for many, it can simply be defined as having a long-term, and a big-picture perspective, on your organization, and managing it accordingly.  Many companies stumble in their growth, or even collapse, when they lose sight of the long-term future of their organization, or miss out on developments in their external environment, due to perhaps being so internally focused, or narrow-minded.

We aspire to:



We help companies in formulating, improving, or formalizing, their future strategies through a number of services:

  1. Develop the future strategic direction for the company based on internal and external analyses and management workshops.
  2. Analyze the external environment of a company, and identify emerging risks that need to be monitored and mitigated by the company.
  3. Formalize a company’s strategy into vision, mission, goals and strategic plans.
  4. Cascade strategic goals through strategy maps  and develop a balanced scorecard to monitor implementation.
  5. Help the company plan for international operations based on their business capabilities.
  6. Monitor progress towards achieving the strategic plans over the short and medium terms.