Business Start-up Services

Companies grow from a start-up, typically founded by one or few persons, to larger,well established, formal organizations, over time.  They can continue to be small or medium in size throughout their life.  Regardless of size, start-ups surely play the most important role in advancing any economy.


Egyptian wickerworker, Cairo, Egypt. Photo: Kim Eun Yeul / World Bank

We aspire to:

  1. Help entrepreneurs validate their business idea through an interactive process that challenges them by asking the right questions.
  2. Help assess the market and financial viability of the idea through market and financial analyses.
  3. Develop a business plan for the venture based on market research and intense discussions with entrepreneurs.
  4. Support entrepreneurs to identify potential partners or funding organizations, through identifying suitable local organizations of relevance, and help them to take formal steps to approach these organizations.
  5. Monitor entrepreneurs’ progress and provide regular feedback to sustain their efforts in establishing the business enterprise.  This includes early identification of challenges and seeking ways to overcoming them.